I got my start in Tupperware in 2001 when my parole officer mandated that I get a job in order to get my children returned to my custody. Within a year, I was in among the top sellers in the nation.  Surviving 3 husbands, I am a sometimes-proud parent of 3 children: Wynona, Dwayne, and Absorbine, Jr. My Tupperware party caught the eye of some New York Theatre producers and in 2007 they sent me off-Broadway in the self titled show, Dixie’s Tupperware Party for which I managed a Drama Desk Award nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance. Can you imagine?  The show is now gearing up for it’s fifth season of it’s world tour in theatres far and wide. For more info or to see more things from me doing nefarious things, go to my website, http://www.whosay.com/dixielongate


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  • saw your show in birmingham (yes, with the rude guy on stage you had to have escorted out) you did a great job under pressure. I came with a friend of mine. I live in Houston area and would love to find out if you are coming this far over with your show. What about dallas? California?

    • Hey darling,
      So sorry for the crazy long delay. I have been travleing and working and sometimes drinking enough that I just plain forget to update this blog. But that is going to stop now. I will be here a bit more often.
      Actually, right after I did those 2 weeks in Birmingham, I went to McKinney, Texas which is just outside of Dallas.
      I had a blast!! The audiences were so much fun. Those big old gallon-hat wearing man-friends were just way too gentlemanly for me. lol
      I want to go back immediately.
      Dont worry, I will be back again soon.
      The new schedule for the Fall and Spring will be posted by the middle of July.
      Until then, rally all the troops to get Tupperware. The Jubilee is coming and I am at #12!!!! Oh NO!!!



  • Dixie,

    I saw your show Friday in Hartford. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! I sold Tupperware myself years ago, but I never had so much fun at a party!
    Next time you come to Hartford, I’ll bring more friends to see you.

    • Hey there Carole,
      Thanks for the very kind words about the show. I am very tardy getting back to messages here, but I wanted to let you know that I got it and I am very flattered. I had such a great time in Hartford. I am coming back at the end of April for a few shows. I am sure I will have a blast again, especially in the Spring when it is a wee bit warmer.
      Have yourself a fantastic holiday. Give yourself a little gift now and then.

  • I saw you in Des Moines this past weekend. I don’t know when I have had so much fun. I live about 100 miles away from Des Moines, but I am telling everyone that I know to get tickets and go to your show. I had a friend go with me and we were celebrating my birthday. Wow I know that I have never laughed so much at anything I have ever done for my birthday—all 53 of them. I did not order anything at the party but I am going to or from that “dark room” internet. Thanks so much for all of the laughs. I will certainly be watching for you to come back to Des Moines in the future!
    Thanks, Cathy

    • Cathy, I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear something like this. Holy Crap, I’m glad you spent your Birthday with me. I hope that you have many more candles to blow out
      for years and years to come.

  • hello,
    I live in sarnia, ontario and wondered when your next tour in southern ontario will be. I had started a new job back in january and was unable to get the time off for your show in the toronto area this year. Will you be returning to southern onatrio again? or even norther michigan as that is fairly close from Sarnia too? Please let me know as my friends and I can’t wait to see your show and buy some goods, we love tupperware and can’t think of a better way to buy! thanks in advance for the response suga!

    • Hey there Becka,
      It doesnt look like I have anything on the schedule for Canada in the near future, but I am coming to the Mason Street Warehouse Theater in Sagatuck, Michigan from July 21st through Aug 1st (http://www.MasonStreetWarehouse.org) and then to Buffalo, NY later this fall. Stay tuned to my tour schedule on my website for more info. http://www.DixiesTUpperwareParty.com
      I am sorry that you missed me in Canada, but I hope that you get the chance to come to the party soon

  • Dixie,

    I just saw your show this past Sunday (10/3/2010). This was the only way I could figure out how to contact you to tell you that my Grandmother, my Mother, and I all had an amazing time! (We were the three who were privileged to sit on your couch on stage). We laughed our butts off, and my family has a new nick name for me: Lesi (short for Lesbian haha). Thank you again for all the fun! You are truly a wonderful and amazing person who has discovered a unique way to use awesome plastic crap to touch people’s lives. I will always think of you when I use my collapsible bowls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in Cleveland! Best of luck and safe travels for the rest of your tour too!

    Thank you from all of us!

    -Lesi a.k.a. Shanon, Lisa, and Dudie

    • You are so amazingly kind. Thank you for your incredibly kind words. I can’t tell you how much that made my entire
      I love what I get to do for a living and when someone like you sends me such a gorgeous email, I can’t help but to get the biggest grin on my face. I’m glad that you laughed so hard the whole time and I am so glad that you have some Tupperware Flat Out bowls to remember me by.
      Remember, every time you think of me or use your bowl, I want you to smile and then pass that smile on to someone else.
      That is the way to keep the Tupper-Feeling alive! Tell Lisa and Dudie that I send my very best as well. Give them a little
      Holiday Squeeze from me.

  • Miss Dixie,
    Just returned from a girls weekend in Chicago. Our biggest highlight was coming to your Tupperware Party Saturday April 30th.
    Two of my girlfriends were brought into your living room to sit on the couch and enjoy the party up close and personal…..Kathy”whom you lovingly called the “lesbian” and Holly her hooker friend. We laughed until we cried.
    Thank you so much for the most entertaining evening. I am so happy you will be selling your Tupperware through the 12th of June. I am coming back to Chicago that weekend for business ( I am a consultant for Thirty One Gifts and coming to do a party on the 10th in Chicago). I am planning to bring three friends who are coming to spend the weekend with me to see you on June 11th.
    Again..thanks for a GREAT time,
    Vicki Balabon

    • Miss Vicki,
      You just made me ‘no-no place’ all tingly with your kind words. Thank you so much for coming to the show and for laughing up a storm. That is the best part of my job, when people tell me that they laughed until they were crying.
      I am sending you big buttloads of love and I look forward to a squeezy hug when I see you again .

  • Please, please come back to Madison, WI!! It’s been a while. And Lord knows our city could use some dirty humor right about now (way more fun than dirty politics). Puhleese!

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