Published September 23, 2011 by dixielongate

You know that feeling after your second round of shots when you start to feel that little tingle?  You are not always sure if that tingle is in your gut or in your mind, but either way, you sort of feel invincible.   You get that feeling that you could take on anything or anybody and come out victorious.   It’s some sort of adrenaline I guess.   It’s that part of you that gets a taste for the crazy and wants more.

I was at my favorite place about 10 miles from the Police Station that makes this drink called a Mustang Sally that will peel the lead paint off of about anything that is Chinese-made.  Two friends of mine had flown in from points west to meet up for a Girl’s Weekend of craziness; southern style.  Mary lives in Denver and has shown me all the ways to have fun in the Mile-High City when I have visited.  She’s opinionated, smart, funny, loves her Soaps, and is one hell of a grill master.   And then there is Adele.  Outside of being a spy for a living, she has the coolest job title in the world, Parts Modeling.  She’s one of those people whose hands you see in a magazine opening a box of cereal or grabbing a bottle of Pepto.  She’s the only person I know that can turn down an offer of staying out all night because, as she puts it, “I’ve got to be up at 8 AM for a hand job.”  And she’s being serious!

At this outing though, the three of us ended up staying for the better part of the afternoon eating fried foods and playing darts.  As the night came on, we decided that shots were in order.  Adele was telling us all about her bumpy flight and admitted that the knocking about got her so jumpy that she had started drinking about 5 hours earlier.  Amen, Jesus!  She got to talking about the adrenaline rush she had while she was on the plane.   On the one hand it scared the stuffin’ right out of her, but on the other, she kind of liked that sensation.   We started talking about what really gets our blood pumping.   Well, she has kind of a fun life, so she said things like traveling and seeing new places gets her excited.  You can read about hers on her blog thing here.   Also, Mary took the challenge and wrote down a list of hers here.   I won’t go into them cause you can read them yourself, damn it!  Here is Mary’s and here is Adele’s craziness.

Then came my turn.   What gets my heart pumping?  What butters my biscuit?  What makes me want to throw on my superhero heels and scoot my ass across the old dirty floor of a Honky Tonk?

Skinny-dipping.  Lord, have I made some of the best memories of my life in 10 feet of water with my clothes a few dozen yards away on a dock.  There is that thrill of throwing my bra on the ground and slinking out of my shorts and racing off the end of the platform landing with a cannonball splash that rivals any of the Stevenson boys.   And when I am lucky enough to come up to the surface and find that someone with a handsome smile has jumped in right after me who I may or may not have just met, that is what keeps me coming back again and again.

Mechanical Bulls.  When Ruby’s Diner in Magnolia Springs took out its mechanical bull named Winston in favor of one of them stuffed animal machines with the claw arm inside, I about had myself a come apart.  Nothing helps finish off one of them Super Stack Pancake breakfasts breakfast combos like 8 seconds on a bucking bronco between the bathrooms and the soda station.  And I found that if I was real nice to the waitress, she would turn it up a notch so that I really had to hold on if I didn’t want to end up thrown into someone’s lap when they were enjoying their all-you-can-eat brunch after the 11:00 Sunday Service.

I stopped visiting Ruby’s when they took him out.

Storms.  If you know anything about the map of the US, you know that Mobile, Alabama, my hometown, is on the Gulf Coast.   While the rest of the US has the regular 4 seasons, we get an extra season that lasts way too long called “Hurricane Season.”  It runs from about June till about the Thanksgiving and by then has really outstayed its welcome.  Some seasons we get the crap beaten out of us.  Although the news don’t much care any longer, we in the south are still recovering from Katrina.  That level of storm isn’t all that common, but even the little storms pee buckets of rain and toss our homes around quite often.  It is the little ones, the Tropical depressions as they call them, that I really enjoy.   The winds’ll sting you but they wont blow you over.   The rains will splash you, but you wont see anything larger than an old Big Gulp mug get swept up in them.  The storms are enough to get your blood pumping, but they don’t leave behind anything but a rainbow when they’re done.

I could’ve easily come up with 100 more, but Adele caught the waitress’ attention, and sometimes what gets my adrenaline up the most is one more round.

Of course that leads me to ask what gets your adrenaline racing?


One comment on “Adrenaline

  • I don’t know if you’ve ever run a race, but I spent 7 years of my life running track, and the beginning of a track race is my adrenaline rush. You would think after 7 years of running races eventually the rush would go away, but there is something in that moment where you become completely still, holding your breath, waiting for the gun to sound that just makes my blood move and my stomach flip. For anyone who knows this feeling, I’m sure they would agree it is an intense adrenaline rush.

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