Holy Crap, the snow is a’fallin’

Published November 9, 2010 by dixielongate

You know the hard thing about having teeth in the winter?  They chatter like the Dickens when you go outside and it is snowing and cold and you are wearing just the slightest suggestion of a jacket or shawl because you have to scramble out of someone else’s place in the wee hours of the morning because you hear that faint sound of keys in the door and that voice that says, “Hey Honi, I’m back from my trip early…”

CRAP!  Why does he have to live on the 3rd floor?!

And then when you successfully navigate the fire escape, you  have to move the overflowing trash cans with your bare feet – no time to put on the shoes yet.  Plus, a 5-month-old white summer wedge doesn’t always go well with rusty metal ladders and regret, now does it?

But even with all that unexpected cardio, I have to admit, there is something kind of gorgeous about that first snow fall, even if it is accompanied by the harsh clacking of chattering teeth.  (At least I’ve got more than most of the rest of my neighbors.)  And there is something kind of pure about the snow too.  It sort of wipes the slate clean and lets you start fresh again.   It is like seeing an old friend for the first time;  An old friend that will only leave the tale-tell signs of your footprints on that guy’s balcony and fire escape for as long it takes to disappear in the blinding blanket of it drifting down from the sky.

And then, under its cover, you disappear completely…victory.

Thank you, first snowfall.  That was a close one.


10 comments on “Holy Crap, the snow is a’fallin’

  • Hey…Just attended your Tupperware Party in Buffalo, NY….Traveled 100 miles to attend it…..It was well worth it and enjoyed ourselves so much!!!! You are awesome and when you are near Buffalo or even in our area (Catt or Allegany Co.) we will bring a whole gang…..Hugs to you!!!! Jacki

    • 100 MILES!!! You are too dedicated and kind. I can’t believe you drove all that way just to come to my Tupperware Party. You are just too gorgeous for words.
      I know I will be back to Buffalo at some point soon. And there is loads of other ground that I need to cover around there, so I’m sure I will pop up in Pittsburgh,
      Philly, Rochester, and hopefully in a barrel that is going over the Falls at some point.
      Just keep checking back to see my schedule when I start updating it this summer.

  • Heard about you from a friend. When are you coming back to Florida? Who schedules a tour in Buffalo and Denver in the winter? You crazy?
    Looking forward to seeing your show! I’ll bring all my ho’s with me.

  • Dixie Darlilng…Thanks for making our Christmas season ever so BRIGHT…your show in Denver was marvey and you were divine…my gals in Chicago wanna see you…any plans on hittin’ up the Windy City….they always need Tupperware there!!!

    • Patty!!!!
      I’m so sorry for the long delay. How are you?
      I am just learning how to respond to blog posts. This whole technology things is so hard if you aren’t asian, but I’m learning.
      I had the best time in Denver. In fact, they have invited me back. They want me to come for 4 weeks in August, but it all
      depends on what happens here in CHICAGO!!!

      That’s right. I’m in Chicago right now at the Royal George Theater. And I just got Extended!!!! We are adding 4 more weeks
      of shows so I am here running through June 12th. Tell your friends to come and see me. I need a little Denver loved being
      transmitted through them from you!!! Here is the link to the tickets and info about the show to forward to them


      Hopefully I will see them and then when I get back to Denver, I will see you again.

      In the mean time, make sure you have yourself a Happy Easter, but make sure you eat the deviled eggs outside!!!. That smell
      caused by eating them eggs can only be blamed on the dog so many times before people get suspicious.

      Tell everyone in Denver that I send my love

    • Hey Hooker,
      I am trying to get to be a part of the new Performing Arts Center’s first season when it opens there in 2012. I will keep you posted
      I want to come to Vegas so bad. I want to pull a bunch of them levers on them slot machines because they feel so good in my hands!

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