On the Road again!

Published October 11, 2009 by dixielongate

As a matter of fact, Cleveland really does ROCK!!!

I started the second year of the tour in Cleveland, Ohio.  Now I wasnt sure what that was going to be like since I have never been here before, but you know what?  I am having a blast!  The audiences have been fun, the tickets have been selling, and I have enjoyed myself more than a Wisconsin-er enjoys his cheese, but without all that bloated gassy feeling one can get.

Cleveland has great people, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and a hotel with a giant revolving door that we keep playing that “Run in a Circle” game when I get into it and end up scaring all the children that see me get stuck in it every single time.

ahhh, the little things we do to entertain ourselves on the road.

I hope that, as we near our 150th show on the road, that I get the unique privilege again this season, to touch another few thousand people and make everyone smile and think differently about what you are capable of and what it means to stand up and realize your own power and importance in your life and the lives of those around you.

How lucky am I to be able to do a job like this.

I look forward to seeing you in your city soon.

And starting off with the great people of Cleveland and their fantastic hospitality really drives the point home:  Cleveland does indeed Rock!!


8 comments on “On the Road again!

  • You are such a wonderful lady. Such style, such carisma, such elegance, such vocabulary.

    Did you glance at Lake Erie? Yeah, don’t touch the water, don’t eat the fish.

    We loved having you here. Good luck in those other cities.

  • You are amazing! If you lived in Cleveland, we’d be great friends. So why don’t you move to Cleveland?

    I hope you return because I’ll send all my friends to your show. You’re very talented and extremely funny. But what’s really funny is that the couple seated behind me tonight had no idea what they were in for. Um, I think they thought it was a Tupperware party or something!!!!

    Ya know, I thought I hated Tupperware, but not anymore. Who would have ever seen the erotic possibilities??

    You rock! And you’ve got great legs. Not fair!

    • Hello ” A fan”
      That is so stalker-y, I just love it. Thanks for your kind words. I tell you, every time I get to Cleveland, I get all tingly inside. Y’all are the best, most fun people out there
      There is definitely a reason that they did that TV show for so long screaming “Cleveland Rocks” at the beginning of it. It is cause it is true-speaking.
      I will be back again at some point. I’m sending smooches

  • Saw Dixie’s Tupperware Party in Cleveland last night! Cleveland Rocks…..but Dixie definitely ROCKS! Loved the show. What a hoot! Laughed for 2 hours straight. It was a girls weekend in Cleveland with some high school friends and we all enjoyed the show. So here is to ROSE, PETUNIA, DAISY and TULIP!

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