I’m in Scotland!!!!

Published August 20, 2009 by dixielongate

Hey there,

Sorry for the long delay.  I have been traveling like a fiend for the last month in Europe.  That is actually outside of America.  I had to get a passport and everything,

I am in Scotland now doing my show for the Scotland-y people and having so much fun.  I have gotten quite good at understanding their funny language and drinking pints of beer as they call it.  It is adorable.  You have never seen anything as small as a pint in your life.  It is TINY!

And after this, I am going to do 2 shows in Rehoboth Beach Delaware on the 9th of September and then the second year of my national tour starts in Cleveland at the end of September.

For tickets and show info and cities, go to the updated website, http://www.DixiesTupperwareParty.com  and click on the list of cities on the right hand side.

Here are just a few pics from my trip here so you can see the craziness and the energy that is around here in the UK.

Hope to see y’all soon


Me standing next to me by the theater entrance.

Me standing next to me by the theater entrance.

This is a theater called the Udderbelly.  It's a purple Cow!

This is a theater called the Udderbelly. It’s a purple Cow!


2 comments on “I’m in Scotland!!!!

  • Hey Hooker!!
    it is me Paul Mercado from WeHo. Long time no see or hear about. Rich and I are gonna be on the Atlantis cruise that you are doing in the Med. Hope to catch up when you can. Keep up the burpin’
    xoxo Paul

  • Dixie – I went to your tupperware party last night with my “friend” – we won the expandable bowl in your little competition. Just to say we had a fabulous night and are now looking to buy lots of fabulous crap from your website to get you to Jubilee!!!! Have fun in Edinburgh!!!

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