One more hour each Day!!!!

Published March 9, 2009 by dixielongate

I dont know about you, but I, for one, am so excited that I get an extra hour of daylight each night.  I mean, it doesnt really do me a lot of good personally because I am usually in the theater at night so I cant enjoy it, but it will certainly enable people to see in order to get their cars parked easier so they can come to my Tupperware Party on time and get some good creative food storage solutions.

I cant believe I have now been on the road for 7 months talking Tupperware all over the country.  And this is just the beginning.  I have been able to meet people from 6 different states and 10 different cities and I think it is safe to say that I have met someone in every town that has pissed me off.

But more importantly, I have met alot of great people too.  I have sat on more laps, taken more pictures, slugged down more cocktails, and been given more phone numbers on napkins in the parking lot of local bars than I ever though possible.  That makes me love this great country even more than I thought I possibly could.

But it is the kind comments that I get after each show that mean the most to me.  I really do love it when people come up and tell me a little bit about themselves.  Or share a story about a Tupperware party they once went to, or even that their momma used to sell Tupperware.  It always warms me in my no-no place to hear stories like that.

Of course, give me 4 minutes and some distracting hooker trying to replace a cracked bowl, and I forget all about that wonderful tale of nostalgia that someone told me moments earlier, but later on, when I am lying in bed and flipping through the enormous number of bad reality television shows providing me entertainment every night before I pass out,  sometimes I get a flash in my mind and I remember the image of someone smiling at me during the Tupperware party that night and telling me about their mom who once sold it or that they used to have a favorite piece of plastic in their kitchen or under their bed.  And I must admit, I get a little giddy.

And then, like watching a movie in fast forward, I flash through dozens of times over the past few months that people have shared similar stories and, boy, does that make me glad that I do what I do.  And the more time I sit with that every night before I go to bed…

The happier I am that I just got that extra hour.

Sleep well…


6 comments on “One more hour each Day!!!!

  • we are looking forward to your show this weekend, i hope cocktails are aloud on the stage,

    i’m also looking for a specific old piece of tupperware…

  • Dixie,

    I was at your Saturday night show on the 14th of March and that was the best time ever. All of us in our group agree it was a wonderful time. I think you are pretty darn clever and have some awesome energy. I look forward to telling my friends all about your party and I’ll be looking for updates on your next round of tours. (I’m sure you do need a break)

    Thanks again for such a great show.

  • I just saw your show Saturday night in Asheville. It was fantastic! I laughed so hard my face hurts.

    I about started crying when you told the story of your third husband and the diamond crystal tupperware bowl and how he threw it at you. I hope you’ll continue to tell that story in your shows!

    Thanks for a great time, hooker!

  • Hey hooker….it’s me the lesbian from last night in Stuart! Thanks for making my birthday amazing and for putting up with my wine-o A$$! You were so hillarious and my girls and I had a blast!!!!

    • Darling,
      sorry for the long delay.
      I am so happy that you enjoed yourself at the show. I had such a wonderful time in Stuart. Apparently, enough others did so that we are coming back next year for a few days.
      Yea!!! And I hope that I get to see you again when I am there.
      Thanks for spending your birthday with me. That means the world to me. I hope that the spring has been great for you and not too hot.
      Sending lots of air-tight kisses.


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