I know, I know. I’m tardy

Published January 16, 2009 by dixielongate

Well, it has been way too long since I have posted, but I am getting back up on the horse and promising to be alot more on top of things in 2009 with my blogging and my drinking.  I figure the more I do of each, the more creative I can be.

The tour is going well.  I have been in city after city and I am having a blast.  Of course some times, the audiences dont know what to make of me.  And in some rare occasions, there have been some people that have been overwhelmed by my beauty and have had to leave the show.

Sometimes they are quiet and sometimes, they are like this horrbile man in Melbourne, FLorida that made everyone painfully aware that he was having a horrible time and walked out in a huff.  Of course he waited till about 75 minutes into the show before walking out, which is longer than some of the men I have dated.  And I wonder to myself,  what the hell are you doing sitting there for so damn long.  Get out!  Stop making everyone else feel uncomfortable because you are a bastard-ass.

Am I right.

It is all about personal responsibility.  And if something makes you uncomfortable, like too many goats at someone’s wedding, or that odd kind of candy in the dish by the bed of that person that you met at the bar last night and decided to spend the night because you lost your cab fare when you were dancing next to that lady in the tube top who couldnt possibly have gotten any money out of you since she aint got no pockets, but you still have your theories anyway of what she did with it, well, then dont stay , just get up and leave.

But 2009 isnt about leaving.  it is about finding the power to stay.  It is about sticking it out even when the going gets tough.  It is about changing your attitude so that when all seems to be crumbling to crap-crackers around you, you still can hold your head up high and smile.
Cause remember, in this troubling economy – SMILING IS FREE!!!!

Well, I cant wait to love you all even more than I did in 2008.  Thanks to all y’all who have come out to see the show as I am traveling around.  And trust me, I have miles to go before I sleep.

I have a week and a half in Mesa, AZ still so come on out and see me.

After that, I will be in Ft lauderdale and Aurora, IL and North Carolina. and other points east.

Gather up your friends and lets have some fun!

Happy new year



9 comments on “I know, I know. I’m tardy

  • My sister and I just last night I attended absolutely the best Tupperware Party we’ve ever been to! Dixie knows how to sell. We laughed from the moment we entered the theater and kept laughing all the way home. Going to see it again in next week with more friends in Mesa, AZ!! Dixie ~ you go girl!

  • Great show this evening, Dixie!

    Continued success. And remember….you’re in Mormon country right now. If you want to do a little moonlighting, I’m sure there’s a missionary position or two available.

  • Hey Dixie,
    Iwas talking to you the last night in Mesa after my third time seeing your show here about your show in McKinney, TX. Can you let me know when they are so I can get out there and take my cousins and some other people. I am going to try and get my cousin to take his office staff to the show. Thanks! Look forward to seeing the show again.

    • Hey there Darling,
      I am so sorry for the delay. Can you tell that I keep myself way too busy and always forget to check this site.
      Your Tea pot is on its way. You will get it shortly.
      I am glad that you came out and saw the show, Again! you are such a doll.
      I am looking forward to coming back to your neck of the woods, come November. We’ll all be able to get ready for the holiday shopping with Tupperware at our side.
      I hope all is well and I hope you arent too busy that you cant enjoy some of this gorgeous weather that I am sure you are having.
      Let me know when your tea pot arrives and please pass my site around to everyone. I am at #12 in sales for the Jubilee and this is the last month to qualify.
      If I am not in the top 10, i will have a come-apart.


  • Hey Dixie! I am one straight arrow, and had no idea what I was getting into. I thought I was going to see a bunch of actors and actresses having a “pretend” tupperware party. Boy, was I wrong (for once in my life, huh?) But I LOVED your show in Ft Lauderdale yesterday. You were GREAT!!! I’m even looking thorugh the catalogue (the catalogue, the catalogue), and filling out that order form. BUT – – – I want to be sure you get the credit for the sale. God knows you’ve just GOT to be NUMBER ONE at the jamboree! Because YOU MATTER!

    LOVE YA!

  • Hi Dixie! I love your personna. Wish I had the guts ( and the talent). Saw your show in NY in 2007 – on the recommendation of my son and his partner who had seen your show on a cruise. They have since seen you again (on a cruise I believe) but, we are now all coming to your next show in NY (on June 20th!) – and bringing my husband- who is virtually new to Tupperware Parties – and female impersonation up close and personal. He’s great though. Marches alongside me in gay pride parades and rallies in the Philadelphia PA area. I am truly looking forward to seeing you again. I thank my son and his partner for getting us tickets to the show, even though it will be the 4th time they are seeing it ! Keep on selling!

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