Published October 28, 2008 by dixielongate

We have one more week in Madison, Wisconsin before we get to go to lovely West Palm Beach, Florida.

This was on the side of a church in Tucson

This was on the side of a church in Tucson

I found this on the side of a church when I was in Tucson, and I was truly amazed.  I learned a whole new thing about the Lord.  Who knew that some of what I did in the bedroom was approved by the Jesus’ dad.

I mean, here all this time, I thought I was sinning. Turns out that God might have a leather vest and some chaps with the butt cut out in them hiding under his bed, too.

Naughty Monkey.


6 comments on “PAY ATTENTION

  • Hi Dixie – Eight of us from Kathy’s Keepers in Mpls were planning to see you in Madison on 11/2 but the tickets were sold out! I hope you include Minneapolis in your next Tour – we have over 1,000 consultants in Mn that love you at Jubilee and we want to see your show!!

    Kathy Brunner

  • Hey Dixie,

    Loved the party at the Rinker Playhouse in West Palm Beach! I think I left my opened can of plums there. Did you find them by any chance? If so, can you put them in an envelope and send them to me? Thanks!

    Safe travels as you keep moving through the country. I know you’ll touch a lot of people in a lot of ways.

    Be well,

    Rik (still using the Internet to buy stuff)

    PS just noticed that in order to post this comment I have to hit a button that says “Submit”. That’s funny!

  • I saw this in 2001 while visiting Tucson. The photo always makes its way on the fridge, even 7 years later! I have since moved to Tucson and still get a kick out of it when I drive by…Sorry I missed you in Tucson, Dixie, next time…

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