Welcome to Des Moines, Iowa

Published October 8, 2008 by dixielongate

Hey Hookers,

I am more exhausted than a Mall Santa Claus after a visit from 75 kids from Juvenille Hall on December 24th.  And probably just as sticky.  I have been doing back to back shows and traveling and packing and unpacking.  Lordy, sometimes I miss prison cause it was just easier to stay in one place for awhile.

But I dont want you to think that I am not having fun!!!  Now that my first stop of Tucson, AZ is under my belt, I am starting to get used to this all.  I had a blast in beuatiful Tucson.  Hotter than the inner thighs of a Russian sprinter in the 2008 Games, I was happy for any air conditioning I could get.

Well all of that has changed now as I come to the great MidWest and experince what a real October is like.  It is cold and a bit rainy and filled with Pumpkins as the next big Holiday draws closer. 

And tonight marks my big opening here at the Civic Center’s Temple Theatre.  I have 2 glorious weeks here and I am ready to enjoy every single second of it.

And as I now have a little more time, you can rest assured that I am going to be here much more often updating this blog with my adventures.

Today was a day filled with Press interviews, and kind of a really fun milestone for me.  I was in the car going from radio interveiw to TV interview and I heard the ad for the show on the radio.  Well, I had to move my hand back into the passenger seat and squeal a little when I heard it.  The driver was a little sad at that moment, but it was his job to pay attention to the road anyway.  But here I was listening to people talk about the show on the radio. I felt like Carrie Underwood must have felt the first time she heard her single, “Jesus take the wheel, cause I am way too drunk to drive” on the radio.  It was a truly speical moment for me. 

And it happened right here in Des Moines.


13 comments on “Welcome to Des Moines, Iowa

  • If I comment on 75% of your blogs thus far – I think it makes me some kind of Tupperware Lady stalker…. or just really bored at work…. or, perhaps, a little both….. definitely a little of both….

    burping it for you…


  • And what an opening it was!! I think Dixie is gonna be taking over Des Moines, and we’ll have to change our name to Des Dixieland (Dixie taught me that means of the Dixie). It had a ring to it! I like it!

  • Eight girlfriends (not the lesbian kind) and I traveled from Kansas City to see this gem. We had a great time laughing ourselves silly. Please come to KC. All our friends want to see Dixie–obviously they’re not prudes.

  • Hey Dixie! It was wonderful to have you in Tucson! My friends and I had a blast with you on stage.

    Good luck with the rest of the tour. Hope you can make it back to Tucson again!

  • Dixie,
    My girlfriend and I loved your show in Des Moines. We are still laughing at some of the great one-liners. We like to look at each other and say “you are a whole” in “Dixie” accent. Thank you for coming to our town.

    • Gina B,
      sorry for the delay, but I really appreciate your kind words. I am so happy that you enjoyed the show.
      Keep that Tupper-feeling deep in your heart.
      I hope to see you soon

    • There is nothing in Peoria on the schedule as of yet, but don’t rule it out. I am going to be schlepping my Tupperware around the country for quite some time, so it is only a matter of time before I will be there.
      Stay tuned

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