Published August 28, 2008 by dixielongate

OK hookers,

I am so sorry for the delay.  I am trying to pack up my kids and get the hell out of Dodge so i can get this show on the road, literally.  I will be posting much more frequently once I get into rehearsals in NY and I will get back to y’all personally when I have a second to breathe.

Just to answer the common emails and questions.

I am not doing a show in New York at this time. I am just there for rehearsals.  I wish I had time to do a show, but I dont.

Eventually I will be back to NY with the show, but it is going to take a few years I think. Just keep checking back on the tour schedule site and we will update it as new dates are added and dont worry, when I come back to manhattan, You’ll know!!!

Thanks everyone for your support.  I am so anxious to get this tour started but there is still alot of packing and moving to do.  I think I packed my son last week, I cant find him and I heard rustling for a few days in the corner, but it was a box that was hard to get to.  I threw some candy and a Hungry man frozen dinner at the sound and it stopped, so either my kid is dead or a raccoon is feasting on Salisbury steak!

Talk at y’all soon



3 comments on “I HATE MOVING

  • Hey Hooker!!

    Saw you Thursday night in Tucson! Love you Love you Love you.

    I used to be a Tupperware lady (check with Lila Huff, I’m “This isn’t your Mother’s Tupperware” is mine lol…. use it in good health! ) and I thought every minute was the best. I know you won’t remember me, but my daughter was the one with the titanium arm and the 7 screws (pink army hat).

    You’ll be on Broadway soon. I’m sending everyone I know to see you while you’re here.. if they can get a ticket. Can’t believe the place sold out on a Thursday. Keep blogging, it takes a while for people to find you and even longer for them to comment.

    Make sure you twitter while you’re on the road, and don’t forget to link to your website: http://dixiestupperwareparty.com

    Another Hooker.

  • Dear Dixie,
    I had a blast at your show in FTL on February 6th; I’m no longer a Dixie virgin, it was my first time. I have the order form and would like to order. How do I make sure you get credit for my purchases??
    You made me laugh at a time I felt so blue, thank you.

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